Almost dead!

November 14, 2007

in Help!,podcast @ 11:19 pm

Dear friends: the opportunity to use the word PENULTIMATE — go ahead, go look it up, I’ll wait here — comes far too rarely for my tastes. That’s why I’m pleased to provide you now with this, the PENULTIMATE CHAPTER of this increasingly epic podcast:


And dude, it is *so* PENULTIMATE! I mean, seriously! Not only is it PENULTIMATE, it’s also PEN-LONG-IMATE! That’s right, it’s the second longest chapter in the series. Long with goodness! It’s got action, it’s got suspense, and it’s got lots and lots of bears! It’s the kind of chapter that makes you turn skyward and exclaim “Thank you, Jesus, for chapters!”

In fact, if I had to pick a favorite chapter, I might pick this PENULTIMATE one — CHAPTER TWELVE!


November 12, 2007

in Bears @ 7:07 pm

What would Marv Pushkin drink?


Happy Halloween

November 6, 2007

in Help!,podcast @ 10:42 pm

Hi Kids! Happy Halloween! Yes, we know it’s a few days late; we’re a few days late; you too, someday, will be a few days late. And when that day comes, rest assured that I will not be the one to hassle you about the small, slight, nigh imperceptible delay in your release of CHAPTER ELEVEN of your thirteen-chapter existential nightmare comedy novel known as:


… but don’t name your book that, or I will be forced to sue.


Website Redesign!

November 3, 2007

in website @ 9:21 pm

Web 2.0 makes changing the appearance of your website as easy as changing your underpants.  And we haven’t changed ours in months!

But now it’s time, and the redesign is almost ready.  We feel it expresses the New We, and positions us advantageously with the “kids” and their “bling” and whatnot.  Here, have a sneak peek!