Me on the radio AGAIN! (10pm TONIGHT!)

August 28, 2008

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Yes, TONIGHT at 10pm, as part of the achingly-well-organized KBOO SURREALISM FESTIVAL GIRAFFE, I will speak words into a microphone, and those words will be electro-actualized and flung across the aether like water from God’s own sprinkler system. They call it Radio, and it’s what the kids are listening to. Tonight on the following frequences:

Portland: 90.7 fm
Willamette Valley: 100.7 fm
Columbia Gorge: 91.9 fm
“The Internet”:  This button here!

See you there, for some definition of “there”, “you” and “see”!


August 25, 2008

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I’m going to be on a very intersting stage this Saturday.  The D’Merde Salon is presenting a decadent dessert-course of culture at Saturday’s group show by AC/VC, the AudioCinema Visual Collective.  Starting at 9:45pm you’ll see a tight-knit tableau of merde-style performance, including readings by such renowned Portland luminaries as: Me!  Lans!  Tiffany!  Erica!  Jessica!  Viva!  And more.  I’m expected to go on at 11:15pm, and will demonstrate ANTI-BEAR-FU.  I hope you can make it.


226 SE Madison
Portland, OR 97214


Surrealism Warning!

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Yes, true its!

Me on the radio AGAIN am!

Surrealism KBOO month August is at!

Night THURSDAY THIS am KBOO on at i!

Details soon more have do i at to you.