November 30, 2010

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Famous Author Mykle Hansen says:

Some books just won’t stay dead!


EYEHEART EVERYTHING, Mykle Hansen’s first published collection of short stories, has just been re-released in a new Ten-Year-Annivarsary format.  Let us sing its praises!

  • Larger! (Slightly.)
  • Glossier!
  • Kevin Sampsell, author of A COMMON PORNOGRAPHY and editor of Future Tense Books, has graciously contributed a Foreword.
  • I WAS AN ASSHOLE, an Afterword by Mr. Hansen, reflects on his ten-year history with this improbably popular book.
  • The new, enhanced ISBN adds three new digits to the classic ten-digit ISBN of yore.
  • Many spelling corrections, a few tasteful edits.
  • Back cover enhanced with manic scribbling!
  • No longer triggers airport metal detectors.

It’s back on sale at Amazon.com and Powells Books, and available in the Ingram catalog for the first time ever.  Autographed copies available right here.

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Escape From Thanksgiving starts early at The Authors Speak!

November 26, 2010

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Famous Author Mykle Hansen says:

We warned you … and now it’s here!  Happy Escape From Thanksgiving, everyone!  For the next 24 hours, we’ll be sashaying up and down the Internet like a tramp on meth, in a degrading but hopefully eye-catching effort to bring attention to Mr. Hansen’s new book, and the new books of his associates David Agranoff and Chris Genoa.  They are good books, we want you to buy them, we want your friends to buy them.  But more than anything, we want to keep you interested.

And we’ve just fired the first salvo from our formidable cannons of interesting!  THE AUTHORS SPEAK — Eric Mays’ online journal for avid readers, writers, and fans of the written word — has just published a seasonally-themed bidirectional interview between Misters Hansen and Agranoff — a polite but impassioned chat about ethics, zombies, cannibals, veganism, French cooking and Thanksgiving.  Check it out!

(We bet you didn’t even know they were bidirectional.)

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November 25, 2010

sinking boat

Today is ESCAPE FROM THANKSGIVING — the day I interrupt your dinner by crowing constantly about my new book, among others. But since I’m about to get busy with a bird and a baster, I thought it might make more sense to provide you with this little excerpt.

The setting is the obscure Pacific island of Cristobol Minor, where our anti-hero André operates his unsavory but highly popular floating restaurant, “l’Arche”. In Chapter Two, he explains how he and his frightening business partner Marko landed on this particular island … (more…)

Escape From Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2010

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Turkeybear!  OMG!

OMG!  It’s Thanksgiving!  Run away!

ESCAPE FROM THANKSGIVING is a special holiday-within-a-holiday in which we take time off from the gustatory family drama to storm around the Interwebs in our underpants, promoting the heck out of three brand-new Bizarro books about food — by David Agranoff, Chris Genoa and yours truly. (more…)

In Other Bear-Related News …

November 6, 2010

… check out my favorite new bear-related-news blog:
In Other Bear Related News!

 Yes ... a bear!

… I’m so glad someone’s covering for me here!
I have been asleep at the Wheel of Bears,
what with the NEW NOVEL and everything …