Take To The Ship!

February 9, 2011

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Famous Author Mykle Hansen says:

This Friday February 11 at Powell’s City Of Books, FAMH will read out loud from Herman Melville’s homoerotic classic, MOBY DICK, as part of TAKE TO THE SHIP, an epic 24-hour marathon reading of the entire novel!

Mr. Hansen will read Chapter Three, “The Spouter Inn,” thereby setting up Powell’s own Kevin Sampsell for all the funny parts in Chapter Four. And one hundred thirty three other readers will read the other one hundred thirty three chapters — that’s twenty-four hours of Dick! It’ll be a festive who’s-who of Portland literary and artistic talent, and the entire reading will be recorded for posterity.

For both fans of the Melville masterpiece, and those who have never cracked its pages, the reading will celebrate the epic sweep of one of the greatest reads in history, as well support the IPRC. When first published, Moby Dick was a near flop. It remains a totem to the importance of small, independent publishing for keeping alive great works ahead of their time.

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I Was An Asshole!

February 8, 2011

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Famous Author Mykle Hansen says:

Today THOUGHT CATALOG has republished “I Was An Asshole,” the Afterword to the new edition of EYEHEART EVERYTHING. In it, Mr. Hansen relates his entry into self-publishing, and the embarrassing details of his fracas with a famous literary personage whose notoriety will not be exploited here.

(But it will be over there.)

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