Missione In Alaska! And a contest for you!

April 22, 2011

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The cover of Missione In Alaska

MISSIONE IN ALASKA is the title of the new Italian translation of your favorite book-I-wrote-about-being-eaten-by-a-bear! It’s available now, wherever fine Italian books are sold. Translator Francesco Francis carefully smuggled every bit of humor, depth and festive fierceness in this book across that delicate cultural barrier that separates America from other, more interesting countries.

To commemorate all this auspiciousness, I am offering my fans & friends a Missione of their own: to the first person who sends me a photograph of this book in an actual Italian bookstore, I hereby offer the bounty of a signed, autographed, inscribed and personalized copy of HELP! A BEAR IS EATING ME! in the language of your choice — as long as your choice is either Italian or English.

Furthermore, if you (that is, the Internet “you”) are able to provide such a photo in the next SEVEN DAYS, I will throw in one photograph of myself astride a classic Italian bicycle, eating pasta, making an authentic Italian hand gesture, wearing a shirt that says “VIVA YOUR NAME HERE!”

HELP! is the first of my books ever to be translated with my permission. I’m awfully proud. It’s things like this that make an author guy feel famous. Sadly, I lack the skills to appreciate it properly: I don’t speak much Italian. I do love the fettucini, the biscotti, the Cicciolina as much as anybody but I’m still an ignorant American at heart. So if you happen to live in Italy, or you know somebody who does — perhaps somebody who’d appreciate a truly universal tale of hubris, blood loss and fine upholstery — please mention to them that this book is now available in your local Italian book store. It’s probably just a handful of meters away from Umberto Eco!