Housefire! Tomorrow night!

June 22, 2011

in General Knowledge @ 5:28 pm

Famous Author Mykle Hansen says:

Not only will FAMH set your actual house on actual fire, but also he will read you a story about it tomorrow evening (Thursday, June 23, 2011) at the latest Stephen-King-themed installment of the excellent reading series HOUSEFIRE, adjunctive to Riley Michael Parker’s equally assbad webmag by the same name (HOUSEFIRE) which is here.

Robyn Bateman, Lindsay Allison Ruoff, Kira Clark, Willie Fitzgerald, Cameron Pierce and others will also appear, read, then disappear while the rest of us clap and point. And there will be art, and there will be booze, and there will be the grand release of HOUSEFIRE’s fresh new stapling of Stephen King stories, entitled DANCE MACABRE. It’s a King thing, you’d totally understand.

All this happens at SISTER COUSINS, which is at 2917 SE Hawthorne in Portland, between seven and ten PM. The HOUSEFIRE series has been rad as hell. FAMH would go even if he wasn’t going. So should you.

But it’s a party, okay? Wear the happy pants, not the grumpy pants.

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