The Bear-o-dactyl enjoys a smoke

September 29, 2011

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… words fail me.

(From The Oatmeal. Go see it in high-res! Archival prints also available. Makes a great gift for your former girlfriend.)

There’s A Bear In Your Nook!

September 21, 2011

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Bears learn photoshop, rewrite breakfast history!

A nook can be so many things.

  • It can be a tiny warm place in your kitchen where you drink your morning coffee and eat your morning crumpets.
  • It can be a tiny warm e-book reader from Barnes & Noble …
  • It can be … um … let’s see …

Okay, a nook can only be one of those two things. But now both of those things can potentially be full of bears!

What am I driving at? Why, it’s the official (cue trumpets!) release (cue dancing girls!) of HELP! A BEAR IS EATING ME! (cue bears!) for the Nook e-reader! (Cue Photoshop!)

HELP! on the B&N Nook

See how a bear has already nibbled off the lower left-hand corner? That’s the kind of dynamic realism that e-book readers like the Nook offer in lieu of actual realness.

Sneak Spaghetti Preview!

September 13, 2011

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Famous Author Mykle Hansen says:

Dude: The Flying Spaghetti Monster is not a myth, a joke or a cult figure. He, she or it is as real as the pasta we breathe! And FAMH is a true believer, as evidenced by his confessional contribution to AMAZING STORIES OF THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER, due out this fall on Eraserhead Press. Check out the cover!

S.G. Browne, Stephen Graham Jones, Kate Bernheimer, John Skipp, Kevin L. Donihe, Bradley Sands, Andersen Prunty, Jeffrey Thomas, J. David Osborne, Bruce Taylor, Marc Levinthal, Kelli Owen, FAMH and others contributed to this epic tribute to our favorite edible deity. Their place in heaven is assured! Soon, yours will be too.

Watch for it — at and wherever else fine books are watched for! Or else just glue one eye to Bizarro Central for all the latest news and rumors from the palpitating Bizarro-verse.

(Reposted from Famous Author Mykle Hansen.)