Hooray For Death!

November 28, 2011

Famous Author Mykle Hansen says:

A new collection of witty, cheerful, light-hearted stories
about death, dying and being deceased. From the back cover:

Death by sandwich! Death by yoga! Death by blimp! In HOORAY FOR DEATH, Famous Author Mykle Hansen draws unconventional humor from deaths tiny and large, and invites you to laugh while you can.

Meet The Great Mecanico, super-scientist of super-science, a man who can fix anything but his mother’s health. Meet BLIMPMAN, master of the Weight-Loss Ray, and his arch-nemesis Doctor Walrus! Meet Death himself — a single, deadly male, looking for a lover who will die slowly. Meet Penelope, your dead wife who phones you from the underworld to say she met someone deader than you.

Loaded with Hansen’s signature wit and weirdness, Hooray for Death is a great achievement of comedy, tragedy and hope.

Official release event and upcoming author tour TBD, but you can buy it today in the popular dead-tree format — 100% compatible with the book reading firmware already embedded in your face.

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Interviewed by Goats!

November 2, 2011

Famous Author Mykle Hansen says:

JUST RELEASED! FAMH discusses long titles and awkward pauses with the man known only as Goat! At the bi-monthly interview blog Mourning Goats. A smorgasbyatch of other fine interviews also await you there.

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