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September 17, 2007

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Why, thanks! It’s new. Now that all the MetaFilter people have gone home, I feel I can show it off without fear of muddy footprints all over the nav bar.

THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW: Well, there are these two big waspy clitoral buttons on the right hand side, which link to the podcast feeds — one in MP3 format, one in the iPod-preferred AAC format. Clicking these buttons is your interface to auditory excellence!

There’s some other stuff over there on the right-hand side, things an author needs: a bio, a synopsis, a survival guide. More things will be there soon, as we plan more fun around the book release and attendant bizarro activities.

I would like to take credit for this whole website, but it was actually designed by the talented Mr. Steve Libbey. But … okay, what the hell: I’ll take credit anyway. Hah! All your credit are belong to us, Steve! And your website! And your podcast! And your medieval fantasy plumbing trilogy! And your band! And … your little dog, too! All of it! Mine mine mine!


Note to self: don’t update blog when drunk with power.

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