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September 16, 2007

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While a pessimist might describe this podcast as half-over, we optimists here at OUCH!corp prefer to describe it as half-not-dead-yet!

CHAPTER SEVEN of HELP! A BEAR IS EATING ME! has arrived … and I feel dirty!

Yes, it’s EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT WARNING time again, so please, pretend I warned you.



Hey, did you know we were famous once?

Wow, those were the days. All I can say is: you people must be serious movers and shakers! Word of mouth from you is like fist of hand from Chuck Norris!

And because I want to thank you, I made you something!


… that’s right! A new website, just for you! Dedicated to the greater glory of this book … which, honestly, I think of as “our” book because without you, it’d just be boring old me blah-blah-blahing into a microphone, and who wants that? So please, come check our “our” website!


Q: Why don’t you offer MP3s? MP3 is the standard format for this kind of thing. Are you Steve Jobs’ fanboy? What is with these dumb AAC things? They make me go “AAC!”

– Steve Libbey

A: Go Steve! Just for you, and all your Windows-hugging, Linux-fscking, MP3-sniffing ilk, I have a *new* MP3-format podcast! It’s the exact same podcast! Only the files are twice as large and don’t sound as good. But you can put it on your Zune! Your Rio! Your Whistle Interjet!


Share and enjoy!

Q: When is your book coming out? You told me October so I put that all over the site. Now you say … when?

– Steve Libbey

A: Go Steve! Well, things are churning along, and we’re still shooting for October, but let me tell you there’s a lot of pesky details that go into this kind of thing. For instance: if you know any nude women with bear heads, please have them get in touch with my photographer, because we can’t find one anywhere. And booking that tour is going … well, it’s about to start going really well. Things are happening, really. It’s all going to happen, in time for the Christmas shopping season, definitely. Patience is a virtue — a virtue we provide FREE with every new delay!

Q: Don’t you have a bunch more things to tell me?

A: Oh yes! But I have to go right now so … watch the website for updates! And tell everybody you know, WATCH THE WEBSITE! Like a hawk! This one! Here!



Thanks for all you do!


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