On Bicycles

October 11, 2011

Famous Author Mykle Hansen says:

Just released: ON BICYCLES — 50 Ways The New Bike Culture Can Change Your Life — edited by Momentum Magazine founder Amy Walker. This gorgeously designed book features the essay “Bicycle Space” by FAMH, just one bright point in a constellation of dissertations on just about everything that bicyclists think about. Available at Amazon, Powell’s, Barnes & Noble, or your local bike shop.

As reviewed on Goodreads.com:

… a wide-ranging collection of essays both personal and erudite about what bicycling means, how it relates to an examined life and an anxious planet, and above all how to do it in style. Wisdom, advice, musings and digressions, a touch of revolutionary spirit and a ton of encouragement and good advice.

It’s also a gorgeously designed and illustrated bon-bon of a paperback. The cover photo doesn’t clue you in that the corners are sanded to a nice roundness, the better to weather a trip in your pannier squooshed against your bouncing groceries. Looks good on a shelf, fits nicely in the hands.

If you’re trying to convince yourself or someone else to become a bicyclist, this book is the help you need. If you’ve been biking for ages, you’ll sympathize with the authors. If you’re a car, you’ll probably just explode.

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