Bear Suicide Watch!

September 12, 2008

in Bears @ 9:59 am

Sad, sad, sad.

This really can’t be coincidence:

Example One: In Lake Tahoe California, a burnt-out grizzly’s attempt to fling himself from Rainbow Bridge on Old Highway 40 near Donner Summit is thwarted by a combination of cold feet and meddling environmentalists.

What drove this bear to the brink?  Gambling losses?  Loneliness?  Anger?  Desperation? Or is this one of those bears who act out in public to feed a craving for tranquilizers?  Hmmmm ….

Example Two: Meanwhile, in nearby Fresno, this bear (a rare California Fluffy, Ursus Arctos Muppetius) has stormed a downtown tower, barricaded himself on the roof, and began issuing totally implausible demands.

But that’s completely different, you say.  The pressures on show-business animals are intense, you say.  Sometimes they just snap, you say.  Hmmmm ….

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