Bear, Eating Man

September 10, 2009

in Bears,General Knowledge @ 3:13 pm

“I am a bear. Life is boring. Let me go eat some men …”

If you are the sort of person who likes websites full of funny, sad, adorable stories about bears and people — and we both know you are — then you ought to take a browse around Bear Parade, a lovely site dreamed up by Gene Morgan, Tao Lin and I think maybe some other people — it’s hard to be sure — hosting a large set of nicely-designed online chapbooks known as “the Bear Parade series.”  Are they books?  Are they e-books?  I-books?  Interbooks?  I’m just not sure, but I like them anyway.

The link above will take you to a small fragment of  Mazie Lousie Montgomery’s Compassionate Moose, the tenth book in the series and my personal favorite, largely due to its high bear content.


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