August 13, 2009

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Although I have written what is unquestionably the definitive bear-attack satire of our times, I can understand why you might be reluctant to take my word for it.  Your novel-buying dollar has probably shrunk recently, along with all your other dollars.  You must be assured of lasting quality.  Twelve dollars is a lot of money — you could eat lunch with that!

So please, read these informative reviews before spending your hard-earned money on my hard-written book.

Colin Matthew says it’s “Like a train wreck that just keeps getting worse and you can’t look away from.”  But in a good way, I think.

Jeff Burk says: Hansen tells an addictive story that the reader will not be able to put.”  (sic.)

Richard Nicol: “On the cover of what seems like a ridiculous premise, and an even more laughable cover art, Mykle Hansen sets up a brilliant critique of the evolved human specimen.”

But despite all that praise, the award for best review goes to professional bookseller and addict Greg Stahl:

For years (thousands of them actually) great thinkers have pondered the question, if a total asshole is trapped under something heavy and their legs are being eaten by a bear is that ok, or should we feel sorry for them?”

Convinced?  Buy it now at Powell’s City Of Books.

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