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December 6, 2009

Chicken Soup for the Kidnapper's Soul

Everybody knows the holidays are the best time for arts & crafts.  Why?  Because it’s shitty outside! Here in Portland it’s fucking freezing, and I know we’re not alone.

But whether you’re snowed in in Minneapolis, rained out in Seattle or swallowed by a Burmese python in Tampa, I have a way for you to fight that shut-in feeling — and win some autographed free books in the process.

You see, there’s this guy named Patrick Wensink.  I can totally vouch for him: he is a fine upstanding gentleman with a huge moustache and a charming short story collection: Sex Dungeon For Sale, just released by Eraserhead Press.

Because Patrick believes in the magic of Christmas and self-promotion, he has created a little contest over at his blog in time for the holidays — a coloring contest! With prizes!  Everybody loves prizes, and these ones are sweet:

autographed books!

If your browser has the X-Ray Spex plug-in installed, you can see that all four of these books are autographed by their authors.  (Otherwise, go to the contest page and check out the photos.)  The copy of HELP! A BEAR IS EATING ME! you see above contains a special one-of-a-kind illustration by me, Famous Doodler Mykle Hansen.  The other three books also contain other awesome goodies.  And all four books contain delicious, crispy words.  In fact, Patrick calls these his favorite four books of the year.  They are:

Fool- By Christopher Moore

Tales Designed to Thrizzle – by Michael Kupperman

AM/PM – By Amelia Gray

Help! A Bear is Eating Me! – By Mykle Hansen (hi!)

All you have to do to win these fabulous autographed books is to color in some pretty pictures, which illustrate some of Patrick’s stories, such as the one above.  A child could do it, and so can you.  Head over there now and give it a whirl.  Tell him Mykle sent you … or just tell him to hand over the goddamn books because your mad coloring skillz are fresh like a falafel.

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