Help! Bear! Five! Now!

September 3, 2007

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Chapter Five!
It’s short!
It’s sweet!
It’s here:

(Forget the other links.
Use this one. It’s best!)




Q: Why do you –

A: Over one thousand downloads! Amazing!

Q: But I just –

A: Chetland Studios! Portland, Oregon!

Q: Look, I’m trying to –

A: More info soon! Watch this space!

Q: SHUT UP! Let me –

A: Sorry! Out of time!

and now it’s time for … SINCERITY CORNER!

… no, really. I just want to say ‘thanks’ to all the people who have been spreading this podcast around — i’m not even sure who’s doing what, but whatever you’re doing, keep doing it! I’ve just gotten some tools to get a better grip on the popularity of this podcast — which is rising! (“Rising compared to what?” you ask? “Compared to before!” I reply evasively.) So thank you all, very much! I love what you do! Keep doing that!

To be more specific:
Thanks to Ralph and Princess for their glowing reviews on iTunes! (This podcast now has an average rating of five stars! That’s like one Michelin star, which is still a lot of stars!) Thanks to Cassidy for plugging it on ‘Rungy Chungy Cheese Bees,’ his fascinating and somewhat popular blog! Big ups to Chet “The Chet” Lyster for his excellent assistance at Chetland Studios, where this podcast is recorded, and for his general enthusiasm, promotional and motivational assistance! And a big shout out to the whole Baja invasion party (you knows who you is) for giving me the chance to read
this manuscript to them, and to hone my out-loudness.

I am right now finishing the final polish of this manuscript, which my kind publishers have just requested from me for the second time. This podcasting process, aside from all the other fun, is really helping to make the book better. So thanks, world of podcasting, for inventing yourself in my lifetime. How we got along without the Internet, I’ll never understand ….

Ciao for now! See you next Monday.


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