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September 13, 2007

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Mykle’s lively reading style and deep, sonorous voice have made him a frequent guest at Portland literary events, and helped him briefly land employment as the voice of a talking taco on cable TV. Now you can hear Mykle explicate the gruesome schadenfreude of Marv Pushkin’s ever-worsening problems using the same mouth he talks to his mother with!

The podcast — professionally recorded at CHETLAND STUDIOS, through some of Portland’s most expensive microphones — will be released one chapter per week through October 2007.

“Reading my work out loud is crucial,” says Hansen. “The bad writing gets worse and good writing gets better when you have to speak the words like you mean them. Probably all writers do this privately … I feel lucky that I get to do it for an audience.”

UPDATE: Now available in two formats!

iTunes/iPod/AAC feed

Everything Else/MP3 feed

If podcasts are too complicated for you, here’s the individual chapters as downloadable audio files:

Chapter 1: mp3 aac

Chapter 2: mp3 aac

Chapter 3: mp3 aac

Chapter 4: mp3 aac

Chapter 5: mp3 aac

Chapter 6: mp3 aac

Chapter 7: mp3 aac

Chapter 8: mp3 aac

Chapter 9: mp3 aac

Chapter 10: mp3 aac

Chapter 11: mp3 aac

Chapter 12: mp3 aac

Chapter 13: mp3 aac


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